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10 Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga has to be practised to be felt!

10 Benefits

1. Increases flexibilty Remember our bodies were to design to move, not to sit down all day! A Yoga class is designed to work the upper body, the lower body, the left side, the right side, and from inside out.

2. Tones muscles Yoga works the whole body. The sequences are designed to work every muscle group of the body.

3. Promotes balance Studies show that regularly standing on one leg creates muscle memory, the more we do something the easier it gets. Both the body and the brain remember the process, creating confidence and stability in the body. The ancient yogis claim the outer balance of the body reflects the workings of the inner mind! Either calm and centred or scattered and flighty.

4. Helps to slow down the ageing process When we practice Yoga regularly we align the body physically which automatically aligns the body energetically, through the energy centres in the body, known In Sanskrit as the ‘Chakras’. When the Chakras are in balance, the body, mind and soul are balanced, reflecting outwards as a peaceful glow and an inner calm. Stress is the biggest killer in the modern world, regular Yoga slows stress down and helps us to deal with it in a different way.

5. Calms the mind, aids concentration We use the physical postures, the asanas, to calm the body, which automatically calms the mind. When we focus on our breath the mind automatically calms.

6. Relaxes the body When our muscles have been stretched to a comfortable limit, the counter reaction is to relax. When the mind is relaxed, the messages are sent fro the brian to the muscles, telling them it is safe to relax. The nervous system goes from the sympathetic mode to the parasympathetic mode, often called the alpha state.

7. Restores energy With the ebb and flow of a yoga class, between the use and resting of the muscles, the correct balance of energy is promoted, with relaxation at the end, allowing the body to enjoy the benefits of the practice, for the cells of the body to rest and re-energize.

8. Promotes good posture Yoga promotes correct posture in standing, sitting, bending and stretching during the practice, which then flows out into our daily lives.

9. Helps us breathe more deeply An integral part of Yoga is correct and conscience breathing. When we breathe deeply and fully we come out of our heads and into our bodies. Correct breathing helps blood flow around the body, brings oxygen to the brain and to every cell in the body.

10. Helps us connect inwards We are mostly spirit and our bodies are our vessel in the human experience. Yoga brings us closer to our soul, spirit, source, self, inner being. This is the difference with the postures of yoga, compared to other forms of exercise. Yoga balances the body and with the chakras realigns our energetic body, connecting us inwards to the soul.




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